We believe that operating a CSA is about a lot more than just selling produce by the bushel basket all summer.  It’s about coming together as a community and building a healthy food system.  It’s about working together with common ideals toward the common goal of healthy, local, and sustainably produced foods.  This goal is why we farm, and this goal is also why we are extremely excited and grateful every time we meet another member of our community who shares our ideals and is willing to join us in our endeavor. 

Circumstance, opportunity, and personal interests have all guided our trajectory toward farming.  The first, and main, reason for our career choice is our growing family.  We believe in raising our girls on the most local, wholesome, nutritious food available.  What better place to start than our own backyard?  

Ben also has a serious passion for food: after ten plus years of professional cooking he didn’t want to stray far from the industry.  Farming presented an opportunity that would creatively enrich his ultimate dream of having his own farm to table restaurant.  

So, in short, now we are here, raising our two beautiful daughters in beautiful Alpena, Michigan, and getting ready for our fourth growing season as Ben Kline Farms.  We couldn't be more excited about our venture, and we hope you will choose to join us this season!

We are still learning everyday, but as Pete Seeger so wisely sang: “Inch by inch, and row by row, we’re going to make this garden grow!  We’re going to mulch it deep and low, we’re going to make it fertile ground!”  Nothing can describe our dreams for the farm, and for our family, better than that simple verse.

 Happy Growing!

-The Kline Family